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  As a supplier of medium- & low-pressure steam boilers and hot water boilers, TATE adopts an integrated system from R&D activity to production and innovation. In order to upgrade technique and increase the added-value of products, the R&D team is now dedicated to the development of high-pressure steam boilers.
  Safe and reliable, TATE boilers and pressure containers are highly praised by customers throughout Taiwan
whose consistent quality is endorsed by ASME, U.S.A., with stamp "S" for power boilers and "U" for pressure vessels. Besides, the pressure vessel is endorsed by the certificate of UL58, U.S.A. and the PE coating by the certificate of UL 1746.
  In the past years, TATE has completed many critical projects in cooperation with domestic or overseas leading companies. In 1989, TATE, in cooperation with IHI, Japan, concluded a contract for the project of Co-Generation system with Yung An Factory of Shilin Paper Industrial Co. Ltd.,and completed the work two years later.
  TATE has recently completed the work of Co-Generation system for Er Lin Factory of Yung Cheng Paper Industrial Co. Ltd., which the company contracted in cooperation with MES, Japan, in 1991. This experience has provided the company with a good chance to obtain a lot of expertise in design, production and installation, and also helped the company root deeper foundation in its business.
  In 1995, the company cooperated with Mitsubishi, Japan, to launched into the construction of Co-Generation system for Tao Yuan Villa, Tao Yuan county.
  In 1996, TATE concluded a contract with Chinese Petroleum Corporation for the construction of 59 steel combined tanks and became the first in Taiwan to prove its professional ability and expertise among the companies of its kind, and endorsed by the certificate of UL Stamp.